As cliche as it sounds, we believe in making the world a better place.




When it comes to designing the pieces in our collection, we want to keep the balance of creating a comfortable, functional, and of course a lasting essentials that will find their home in any wardrobe—yours and ours.



We believe that having a passionate team is our most valuable and irreplaceable assets. Our passion at what we do is what keeps us moving forward, excite us every day and unleash the full potential to achieve our vision.



We produced our garment in limited quantity, thus ensuring that we can keep our standard and in control of every piece you bought. By doing so, we are not overproducing and reducing waste from our end. And from your point of view, isn't it nice to be able to wear a beautifully-sewn piece and not bumped into 1,000 other people wearing the same one?



We sourced all of our raw materials, starting from fabrics, accessories, labeling, and down to every little details by ourselves. Thus we are eliminating middle men and keeping our costs at a true level. And by doing so, we are able to control the quality and keep a high standard of the raw materials used to make your garment. 



We pay fair wages to our pattern maker and seamstresses in accordance to the living standard here in Indonesia. We always remind them that their efforts are what keeps us running. Aside from fair wages, we are keen in building and maintaining a good relationship with them by listening to their thoughts, inputs, and openly discuss positive-negative things throughout the production process. We believe that a passionate happy soul will be able to produced an excellent piece for you. 



We ensured a safe and clean working environment for our production team. We believe that being safe and sound in their working environment is a key factor to produce a high quality garment.  


Is it challenging you asked? 

Yes of course. Especially being in a country where being conscious and sustainable is not a norm yet, it is sure a big challenge for us.  

Well Rome was not built in a day, so we are currently taking baby steps towards in becoming a sustainable and conscious brand.



Geometric-shaped hummingbird on our logo reflects not only our aesthetic point of view, but also our outlook as a brand.

Despite its tiny proportion, this particular bird species is known for its strength, flexibility and adaptability in various climates. These powerful qualities aptly symbolize what our brand aims to embody as we continue to grow along  the way.