Ladies, after months of preparation, tons of hard-work and love put into it—we’re thrilled to present you VINN’s very first collection. Today marks the soft launch of VINN on our website and you get to check out—and of course, shop!—our debut collection right here, right now.

Fashion has become part of our everyday lifestyle. That’s why we aim to create a brand that takes this more subtle approach to fashion through well-made designs that you can wear however you want throughout the season. VINN dedicates itself to like-minded modern women with reaching-for-the-stars ambition (yes, we’re talking about you, Vinn women) who deserve unfussy ready-to-wear pieces in styles that we love to describe as “classic with an edge.”

With that in mind, our creative team has come up with a range of essentials to carry you through each day of the week. You can expect minimalist, geometric looks with a dash of edgy, androgynous elements from us.


Simply take a look at our Vol. 01 collection, we are focusing our inaugural effort on minimalist silhouettes that are structured and infused with color blocking, volume play, and pleats. We also stick to a subdued color palette with black, olive green, shades of blue, plus some good ol’ stripes. Every piece is geared for maximum comfort and versatility (just wait until you try on one of our tops or dresses!) so you can let it stand out on its own or layer it together in your signature head-to-toe ensemble. We like to see everyone wear the same VINN piece in their own unique way because, at the end of the day, it’s your attitude that matters.


Now let the retail therapy [drum rolls] begin!