Hearing the name of the sprawling Seoul city surely will makes us imagine ourselves back in the middle of the buzzing city intersection with a cup of latte in our hands, surrounded by skyscrapers, neon billboards, and countless modern shopping complexes that always failed us to keep our piggy bank healthy.


The modern Seoul with the fastest internet in the world, excellent cafes, and rows of beautiful concept stores in Itaewon surely will always be our favorites; yet, if you look down through the towering skyscraper window, there is another side of Seoul, waiting to be rediscovered.

Today, we want to bring you the beautiful Old Seoul that captured our hearts from our recent trip. From beautiful ancient palaces, traditional hanoks, and that quiet alley in Bukchon, we enjoyed every bit of the Old Seoul. 


Seoul radiates the yin-yang between the modern and ancient history, making it the perfect destination to enjoy what both worlds have to offers. 

Seoul is a city with two souls. 

The city that we love a little bit too much.


Image: [VINN