We have always been passionate about our work and we want to balance it with some fun while trying to get things done, because why so serious? After all this "work" we are talking about is something that we love.

Talking about work-fun balance, we are going to unveil to you behind the scenes of our photo shoot for VINN's very first collection. Because we had so much fun doing this photo shoot and what good is it when no one else knows?

While preparing for the shoot, we wanted to make sure we aced it all and managed to be totally zen (Yep sure, of course none of that happened).  

Well… after all...we won’t be able to avoid the hectic moment, right? Right? 

Hours were spent to arranged the background and lighting setup, posing the model to perfection, incorporating our signature blue in the shoot, this and that. After all, it’s all about the details!


The coolest thing was when the sunlight finally passed through the window, giving some natural glow to our model faces and oomph our mood! That was the real a-ha moment for us, the models, and the photographer (thanks a bunch to our cool photographer, Nino Yap). 


Apart from that, what excites us the most is the moment of realization to see VINN's clothes on the models. We pictured this for a long time and it was a joy to finally see the model #workonit to give life to our interpretation of 'modern women's' personality in the clothes. 

The double slit dress that you can wear from AM to PM, sleeveless top with side panel that gives an unexpected jolt of color to your day, and as the final touch, we paired it with the super edgy shoes by United Nude to effortlessly showcase the VINN women.

From the drawing board to photo shoot, it's exciting to see that not one hand was wasted in creating this whole look; the designer, the stylist, the make-up artist, the photographer, and it's all about creating something that we had in mind into reality. We really had blast in the entire process and all of this would not have been possible without the amazing team we have here at VINN. 

We hope you get to experience the fun of our photo shoot through the pictures!