If you are the least bit like me, then it is likely that you have finished rounding up a perfect Christmas playlist by October, and been shamelessly singing-shimmying along to All I Want for Christmas is You (and the rest of Yuletide classic scores) on loop since November rolled in. It is never too early for Christmas after all, and at this moment, I earnestly cannot think of a better way to ring in the jolly occasion on the right foot than by playing Santa Claus with VÏNN.

What is the so-called tally that Santa has been keeping an eye on each year-round? Ah, yes, the age old Naughty and Nice Lists. And as 2016 comes to a close, VÏNN and I thought it would be fun to take a clear look at some of this year's fashion trends and have them put under either List based on how well they have been faring so far.

Without any further ado, here comes the naughty batch of the year (in no particular order), along with a little commentary on what earned each item a place here:


1. Vetements DHL T-Shirt

Fact: Vetements breathes fresh air into the fashion industry with their often quirky and trend-defying pieces. Also fact: Whether people can draw sense out of their collections or not, Vetements is certainly not slowing down.However, we personally choose to draw the line on their infamous DHL T-shirt (despite a rather overrated hysteria it brought).


2. Gucci Goat-Haired Slippers

These ones might just be perfect for a ride in a limo to a fancy schmancy PJ's party, but as a means of daily footwear? No, thank you—these are something we would gladly pass. Unless you have it bad for Donald Trump's toupee (no judgement) or aim to look like a distant relative of Chewbacca from Star Wars, we'd suggest writing these slippers off your list.


3. Balenciaga Bazar Shopper Bag

We love Balenciaga. What we love even more is how the essence of the brand can be timelessly relevant in any frame. Thus with all the wonderful, classy-looking bags we can choose from Balenciaga's overall impressive collections, there's no reason to own a heavy-duty laundry bag that looks like it'll stretch out and rip at the seams before the year's over.


4. Supreme Brick

The house Supreme is known to breed concrete concepts and pieces that every cool kid in the neighbourhood seems to love or loves to own one. But this reddish brown slab of a brick just feels like a concrete inside joke that we're not let in on. Then again, our failing to crack its code leaves a lot of room for blind-guessing and theorizing, which might be the sole purpose of the brick's existence.


5. Christopher Kane Crocs

Since Crocs was born into this world, citizens have been divided into two main groups: those who embrace Crocs and those who really, really don't. But when Kane tried his hands on Crocs, the collection was quick to garner more than a fair share of attention when dispatched—colourful arrangement of encrusted mineral rocks as it is. Unfortunately, not even Kane can deter our answer in regards to whether we would ever want to be caught dead wearing Crocs; which is never.

Apparently this year saw some household fashion empires end up on the Naughty List. Do you hold with us on their falling under the list? Either way, let's keep this in mind: Some fashion trends work for us and some don't. Everybody is different, and we are free to experiment to figure out which drifts we dig and which we don't. But above all, this list is meant to be fun and invigorating, so by all means—you do you, girl.

All that said, here marches in the nice bunch of the year (again, in no particular order):


1. '90s Resurgence

Chokers (in the many forms they take), patches, and enamel pins reigned supreme in the '90s. It is a joy to the world that today they are coming once more under the limelight as smoothly as they are sneaking their way back into our heart.


2. Mixed-Media Trend

From mixed-media styled fashion spreads by the likes of Pablo Thecuadro and Eugenia Alejos, to sartorial runway pieces by Victoria Beckham Spring/Summer collection, we have found ourselves more than intrigued to immerse in the wonderland of cut-paste layers and subliminal arrangements. Yes, it is indeed a winner wonderland.


3. Flat Mules Rule

What is not to love about them? They are chic and comfortable, with a strong point of view. And have we mentioned how well they go with everything? We don't know about yours, but our feet are more than merry in a pair of flat mules.


4. Bell Sleeves All the Way

Voluminous top with a twist (flaring bell sleeves!) is a full-on thing this year. A delightful combo of sleek and swingy, we sort of start guessing that maybe these are the kind of bells which everyone keeps singing and jingling about.


5. Denim Game (Still Going) Strong

Denim is always welcome to town. From pants to outer-wears to dresses, it should have gone without saying that denim is a world of infinite possibilities and definitely makes for a wardrobe mainstay. Actually, just keep an eye out for VÏNN's up and coming collections—we promise you something blue, something good. You guess it.

And yes, it's a wrap: Those are the high fives, and aren't they nice? Come on, don't be such a Scrooge, you know they are. Wanna know what's really nice, tho? Getting your loved ones (and yourself) a Christmas present; something that will last, something that you will want not only for Christmas, but all year-round. Still have no idea? Here go some suggestions for you.

Well, this sleigh ride is up, and I think it is time to let the real Santa take over. Peace out, folks—and of course, have yourself a merry, merry, nice Christmas!

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