Hello, Bonjour, Ciao, or insert whatever other language you know!

Here's a bit of what are inside our brain (if we can organize it); where you can expect data, some Shakespeare's plays, and other hard core stuffs. Or maybe we are just going to post some pictures, writings, and inspirations from the things we like. That sounds more like it.

So first up is the bird that inspired us, hummingbird. Why a hummingbird as our icon? We like their vibrant yet soothing feathers, which are just right to describe our color. And that hummingbird, by the way, wasn’t chosen only for its aesthetic appeal. We value what it symbolizes: They are brilliantly adapted in various climates, powerful peepers that have a-keen eyesight that helps them to find very tasty nectar, and of course, their jaw-dropping flying abilities. One more, they just don’t follow the flock.

Okay, okay, enough science!

In connection with VINN, we are on a mission to make you happy with the brand as we very much have you in our mind — the ‘impicky-but-busy’ person that needs high comfort level of fabrics, a fanatic of good design, always in love with the making process, and we know you have the eyes for ‘attention to details’.

So, Yes. Their swiftness, flexibility, their independent attitude…those are the characters that pack a punch — that speaks to our brand personality, and those should leave you with proud and good-looking impression in our timeless pieces. Isn’t that cool?