Last week, we were talking about the unlucky things that might happen to us. But this time, let’s flip the switch and move on with some of the luckiest dogs in the world! They’re famous, they’re busy, they ain't got time to wave their paws at you!

Hands up if you are a dog person! Scroll down to see some of the fanciest dogs of fashion people that we think are almost as cool as their owners. Oh, beware, because you’ll probably get jealous of their lives. And yeaa, we don't mind to take Garavani or Cavalli as our last name :p 


It’s no surprise that Marc Jacobs’ Bull Terrier becomes the Insta-famous dog with massive followers on Instagram. He likes to dress up, sits on Daddy Marc's business meetings, and surprise surprise, he has a book coming out this September in collaboration with @rizzolibooks

Best job in the world? Probably. 


Ahh who's we got here? Maison Valentino, the avid appreciator of anything red and the long-time Pugophiles lover! The eleven squads have taken part in numerous photo shoots with him, challenging the top models to strike a pose better than them! Well, okay..let’s admit it that we’re so jelly!


There is NOTHING better than a German Shepherd in Roberto Cavalli’s Lupo life! From quilted dog carriers to patent-leather collars, The Robert Cavalli pets collection is all you need to pamper your pooch in style and make them stand out in a crowd!


If your bias is G-dragon, you are probably familiar with Gaho, the Shar-Pei with the cutest wrinkly loose-skin-face. Gaho has gained popularity because he’s hanging with his famous parent. We've told you.. he's almost as cool as his owner!


Image: [Hanna Melin]