Ahh it's that time again in the middle of February. We are not exactly sure what day today is, but flowers' prices leaps up high high in the sky, fancy restaurants are fully booked, and we see shades of pink-red-whatever everywhere. 

Well lucky us, there is a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon + comfy couch to binge watch some of our random movie list! Re-runs, because why not?

Enjoy the movies and see you on the 15th!

  • (500) Days Of Summer  - 2009
  • Inside Out - 2015
  • Home Alone - 1990
  • Blue Valentine - 2016
  • The Rules Of Attraction - 2002
  • How to be Single - 2016
  • Sherlock Holmes - 2009

And..... here's a few illustrations to cheer you up!