Maybe some of you had your fair share of visiting Bali, but today we want to take you to explore another enchanting island, Gili (just off the northwest coast of Lombok)!
Gili Islands consists of three small islands: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air; each and every island has their own uniques resorts yet still preserving its nature beauty. With their fine white sands and their clear blue sky, you will get the perfect scenery - just the place you need to be to distress! 

Oh and fret not, even though Gili is not as big as other islands, there are plenty of activities you can do besides lying on the beach all day long with a glass of your favorite cocktail! Additionally, since all forms of motorized mode of transportations are still not allowed within the island, you’ll get to enjoy the sea breeze while you get around on foot or by bicycle. 


Did you know Gili is considered as Indonesia's top areas for snorkeling and scuba diving, described as 'having abundance of marine life and attractive coral formations'. They have over twenty-five dive sites encircling all three islands, within each dive sites you'll get to see different diverse marine life - including reef sharks, lionfish, lots of turtles and different types of rays (including manta rays). Pretty amazing huh? 

If you're not up to go into the water (unlikely), the perfect activities would be sunbathing and bar-hopping! There are also quite a number of cafes and clubhouse which you'll adore. So grab a coconut and don't forget to try those divine traditional food you won't get anywhere else.


Oh and apart from Gili, you should definitely explore Lombok as well.
This time we seized the chance to explore Senggigi part of Lombok! They have beautiful resorts, unique cafés, yummy foods, and beautiful surrounding as well.


The best way to end the day is to watch the sunset with your share of cocktails and beer - superb! 


While you are in Lombok, you should go and take a glimpse of their traditional goods (fabrics that their made with special weaving techniques) and grab some as a souvenir!