Letter from our Creative Director: 

"The journey of VOL II collection started when I sat by the window and stumbled upon a woman standing in the rain. 

Seeing the woman during the pouring rain somehow recalls the melancholic state during the rain shower. It reminisce on all kind of feelings a single soul might feel. The deep serene greyish sky is like the sky telling us to relax and breath, the pleasant earthy scents, the moisture in the air and the soothing sound of the raindrops as if it is the orchestra of the earth. The tranquil moment after the rain awaken the moody nostalgic feelings and peace of mind.


Drawing inspiration from the tale of the woman in the rain, the pieces we made in this collection is the wardrobe that I envision her wearing;  keeping our minimalist aesthetic and comfortable silhouettes reflecting the simplicity of a devouring silence, a muted colour palette inspired by the melancholy of overcast skies, emphasising the gloomy and chilly colour of rainy day skies.


The VOL II collection are made with linen that has a pattern which resembles the raindrops and calm rainy sky colours. There’s an appealing element of coziness in linen connected to it all, cozy fabric to snuggle up within the depth of thoughts. Insulating enough to keep us warm in the rainy weather and at the same time a material that is breathable and able to absorb and wick away the humidity after the rain.


Rain induce a lot of different feels for each and everyone of us, sometimes bring back and create memories, both good and bad. But at the end of the day I found myself belonged to the rain and very much adore the sound of it."

“The earth has music for those who listens” -  Shakesphere


Olivia, Creative director


Moodboard Photo Source: Pinterest