To you all 90s kids, it's time to dig your drawer, find some of your long lost accessories because they're back in trend!

Yes, pins and patches are back! Some of your cool pins like those yummy looking desserts and fruits, your favorite animals or flowers, and of course pinning some tiny books on your favorite denim jacket is always a good idea.

In honor of Booklover day, let’s take a look at Jane Mount's artwork, the artist behind 'My Ideal Bookshelf'. Started in 2007, together with writer Thessaly La Force, Jane painted the favorite books of over 100 famous creatives people (from writers and chefs to artists, ballet dancers, and musicians). The pins comes with a short essay about each of the participants' choices and how they became who they are today. 


"You are what you read," this project clearly reflects the saying because the books described who they are without having to say it. 

We wish they will create a new pin for the 8th 'Harry Potter' Book. 
Yes, we read Harry Potter.
So what does it says about us?

Image: [Ideal Bookshelf]