Summertime! We screams for ice cream! And if you happened to be in NYC this summer, or at least you are somewhere in the universe and can't make it there, we present to you..



The Museum of Ice cream!
Located right from the Whitney Art Museum and the Gansevoort Street entrance to the High Line, you can find your wildest dreams of chocolate room, giant ice cream sundae, and many more in the sweet heaven! 

The pop-up museum is open to public from July 29th through August 31st and has created a huge buzz amongst the Instagram users. With the ticket prices starting from $18, we bet it will make you shout, “No one is ever too old for a pint of ice cream" (yeah because a scoop is never enough) or "There's always room for ice cream!”. The tickets are all sold out within five days - all 30,000 tickets! *heartbreak*

Here's what you can find inside, a truly Instagrammable spot:


But really, if you are trying to find a reason to scoop some finger-lickin' creamy yummy-tasting ice cream... Just looking at the pictures from Museum of Ice Cream is a good enough reason to go grab two scoops or a sandwiched of your favorite summer comfort food, ICE CREAM!

Image Courtesy: [Hypebae]