That moment when you need a mood therapy,

... when you are feeling under or in need to just sit in that corner couch, be in your zen comfort zone,

... and have the perfect title to read!

Yes, that is a sign that you are ready to get back to your smarty pants mode, rock your reading glass, and off to another world inside a book! It’s probably one of the best feelings in the world besides curling inside your fluffy blanket, because books can play a comforting role in your lives too!

And earlier this month we got a chance to visit COS Project Space at their Cheongdam store in Seoul. It has something to do with books and we just loveee it.  

COS has teamed up with The Book Society, a Seoul-based publishing project to create a reading area curated by three Seoul-based artists: Eve Kwak, Shin Shin and Min Guhong. Each of them creates new original work that explores the mediums of print, visual design, and written words featuring a broad selection of titles on art, design, and literature.

Scroll down to see how inspired we were inside of the exhibition. 

The exhibition will last till this October
So are you ready to add another place to visit in your bucket list?