I know what fashion is like on fast track, and I testify that I would rather slow dance with it. 

These days, fashion moves at the speed of uploaded Instagram posts. Each trend doesn’t necessarily stay for long though, as each is fast to replace one another, one #OOTD at a time. Remember how it used to be a trend a season? Now trends emerge monthly with major fashion retail chains rotating their in-store collections as often as possible, resulting in bad wardrobe and even worse environments—courtesy of those rapid item turnovers and high waste outputs, of course.

As it is, the euphoria of buying into the latest of-the-minute fashion is usually soon followed by a regret one often feels the morning after a night-long mindless drinking. (Thanks fast fashion, now almost everyone is familiar with shopping hangover). This is why instead of fussing over the so-called latest trends or seasons, VINN focuses on creating collections that gradually evolve and at the same time endure; working on materials and silhouettes that they know would stay on and above the current (think: neutral colors, timeless stripes, and seamless stitching). Well made pieces that are genuinely worth every penny.

Now if you think about it, fast fashion is actually similar to that fickle crush you had back in high school. That “fleeting fancy” with capital F. Something you thought was all you ever wanted— only to cringe years later because you cannot even begin to understand what you saw in them in the first place. Girl, haven’t we all been there, done that? No? Just me? Oh, you pretty little liar, you.

“Well, it’s cute and popular right now… And at such cheap price! I also don't want to have that FOMO if I don't have it in my clutches by the time I need it… someday. Everyone seems to own this anyway. I deserve this, right? Right?!”

Darling, if that doesn’t sound like making excuses then I don’t know what does. So you had a bad day and decided to treat yourself to some retail therapy? Go ahead, you deserve it. But you deserve so much more than a crappy, fleeting fancy; you are worth something that lasts. Fast fashion items are cheap, convenient, and temporarily satisfy your itch. But pull at the thread, and the whole illusion unravels faster than the latest designer knockoffs. The short lifespan of those items guarantee a return visit, and another, and another. Who’s got time for that? Nobody, duh. Seriously, it really is better to buy nice than buy twice.

So next time a questionable shirt sneakily winks at you and you start feeling tempted—no shame tho, you’re mere mortal with feelings after all—just make sure to chin up, put shoulders back and turn around. We smart girls know what’s good for us, don’t we now? We learn our lessons and make smart choices when it counts: Fleeting fancy just won’t do anymore. 

Words by Cardia Ivana

Illustration :  [ Flapper Doodle ]



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