VOL 2.1 - 아이리스 • Iris


Hi #VINNSPIRATION!! In the blink of an eye, Eid is just around the corner. With the start of The Holy Month here in Indonesia, we want to take in the spirit of Iris by translating Hope, Faith and Purity throughout the collection. 

As we want to convey the meaning behind ‘Iris’, whilst different colors of Iris portrays different meanings — blue, white and yellow irises speaks to us the most. A blue iris stands for hope and faith, a yellow iris symbolises for passion and eloquence, while white iris symbolises purity.


Renewing ourselves by infusing a softer approach while maintaining our clean & minimalist aesthetics. The collection explores this theme with subtle muted color and unfussy details. Needless to say, keeping our selection looking stylish yet modest is one of the main thing we strive for this particular collection. 


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