Packing for a summer getaway is always tricky and exciting at the same time.
What to wear? How many outfit should I prepare? Hmm this and that is pretty but what about the materials? Is this comfortable enough to wear for the whole day under the sun? Will this match the occasion?

So in this post I would like to share how I, my husband, and friends are gearing-up in our very own VINN for a summer getaway in Bali! Here’s some #VINNspiration on how to wear some of our favorite pieces and rock your lasts of sunny days.
Spoiler alert: you’ll see some of our newly launched Menswear!


Men’s Mao Collar Navy

My Husband (more like I - haha) paired the Mao Collar with comfy cotton shorts in natural color for our first day exploring in Bali. He’s the type that easily sweat, but fortunately due to its breathable linen properties, this shirt survived from 5AM until 10PM!

IMG_5761 copy.jpg

Pleated Pants with Front Buttons
Our first day was quite packed. We flew in the morning to Bali, arrived at almost lunch time; we want to visit the beach, cafes, restaurants, do some shopping, etc etc etc. So it was quite a challenge to decide what to wear in order not to freeze on the plane and not melt under the Bali sun. Last minute, I decided to wear this pleated pants pairing it with dark colored camisole. It’s comfortable to sleep-in on the plane and being 100% linen, the fabric definitely feels very breezy and cooling on the skin when you’re under the Bali sun, and the pants is definitely Instagrammable!


Straight Cut Sleeveless Dress with Belt
Out of all the outfits in the linen collection, my sister has her own personal favorite. I have to say, she certainly overused the dress (a few Instagram posts already in this dress), and this dress literally flew everywhere with her. But it’s her favorite for a reason, she gets compliment in this dress every time she wears it, it’s very comfortable, easy to pair with any shoes and jackets, and most importantly it’s so easy to move around in this dress! Oh and she can loosen the self-tied belt every time she eat too much :p


A-Line Dress with String Belt
Talking about favorites, this dress is definitely a crowd’s favorite (sold out and restocked)! We wear it, our moms and aunts wear it, everyone can definitely fit and be comfortable in this dress! Each of us owns the dress and we almost looked like tweedledee tweedledum wearing this dress at the same time in Bali!

IMG_2546 copy.jpg

Asymmetrical Dress
Last but not least, another one of my personal favorite launching very soon #staytuned
I chose to wear this dress to my friend’s holy matrimony in Bali (dress it up with some nude kitten heels). The fit is very relaxing, the linen-rayon material combination is very cooling and comfortable to the skin, and the slit is the perfect addition to show off some legs (without being too much).